ConcealBrowse and Live Demo
February 9, 2023 - 6-8pm PST
Speakers: Scott Greaux, VP of Solutions Engineering and Customer Experience and Ernest Byrd, Principal Solutions Engineer
Location: Hybrid

About the speaker:

Scott Greaux, VP of Solutions Engineering and Customer Experience 

Scott brings 20+ years of industry experience leading global cyber security teams and developing cyber security solutions for global 2000 organizations and government entities. Mr. Greaux will work with customers, industry experts, and business leaders to deliver innovative solutions that address the ever-changing cyber security needs landscape.


Ernest Byrd, Principal Solutions Engineer

With nearly two decades of experience in Information Technology, and about half of that focused on Information Security, Ernest has a passion for helping Partners find and employ forward-thinking Security Strategies while maintaining a focus on Solution effectiveness. Since most of his career has aligned with Solution Engineering and Consulting, it has always been imperative to him that he truly understands the user experience and stays abreast of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. At times serving 18+ industry verticals in parallel while also having several years supporting the MSP/MSSP Channels, Ernest has been regarded as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. In his career he once undertook a challenge to better understand IoT, with a focus on Underground Distribution Electrical Systems, and had much success during this time. He is extremely excited to work with Conceal and show how the ConcealBrowse Solution disrupts the modern threat landscape - helping organizations to minimize their risk and focus on their business goals!


Conceal’s mission is to stop ransomware and credential theft for companies of all sizes by developing innovative solutions that provide social engineering protection in any browser, ensuring employee productivity and data protection. ConcealBrowse is a lightweight browser extension that converts any browser into a secure, Zero-Trust browser, preventing employees from triggering ransomware and credential theft attacks that bypass other security controls.



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