Evan Francen – FR Secure

"How do we secure America?"
April 9, 2019 - 6-8pm
University of San Diego
Belanich Engineering Center (Loma Hall)
4998 Alcala Park - San Diego, CA 92110

About the speakers:

Evan Francen
Co-founder and CEO of FRSecure LLC/Co-founder and CEO of SecurityStudio

Published author of: UNSECURITY: Information security is failing. Breaches are epidemic. How can we fix this broken industry? 

Evan Francen is an information security expert with more than 25 years of “practical” information security experience. He has an ambitious mission; fix the broken industry.

Highlights of Evan’s career (thus far) include:

  • Founded FRSecure in 2008, an expert-level information security consulting company with more eighty (80) employees and 1,200 clients across the United States.
  • Founded SecurityStudio in 2017, a software as a service (SaaS) company dedicated to building a community of information security practitioners who speak the same “security language”.
  • Co-inventor of SecurityStudio™, the platform for managing information security risk.
  • Co-inventor of FISA™, the Fiducial Information Security Assessment. FISA™ is used by more than 800 companies across 28 industries to assess and manage information security risk.
  • Co-inventor of FISASCORE®, the definitive measurement of information security and vendor risk.
  • Developed and leads the free FRSecure CISSP® Mentor Program. The program was established in 2010 with six (6) students and has grown to more than 520 students in 2019.
  • Prior to establishing FRSecure, Evan spent more than 15 years as a leading information security professional and corporate leader in both private and public companies.
  • Advised legal counsel in high-profile breaches including Target and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
    • 2014/2015 - Consultant to the Special Litigation Committee of the Board of Directors of Target Corporation; derivative action related to the “Target Breach”.
    • 2015/2016 – Consultant to legal counsel and Blue Cross/Blue Shield related to remediation efforts (post-breach).
    • Served as an expert witness is multiple federal criminal cases, mostly involving alleged stolen trade secrets
  • Served 100s of companies; big (Wells Fargo, Target, US Bank, UnitedHealth, etc.) and small.
  • Dozens of television and radio appearances; topics included the Target Breach, vendor risk management, artificial intelligence, and others.
  • Delivered dozens of information security talks at dozens of conferences; audiences ranging from less than 10 to more than a 1,000.
  • Written more than 750 published articles about a variety of information security topics.

Evan is an “information security evangelist”, thought leader and specialist in advising Boards of Directors, legal counsel, and executive management. His keen ability to explain technical information to non-technical personnel in all levels throughout an organization, his unique sense of humor, and his “tell it like it is” demeanor, gets the point across and produces results for all audiences.

Corporate Website: https://securitystudio.com
Personal Website: https://evanfrancen.com
Twitter: @evanfrancen