COVID-19 Effects on Cybersecurity and Business

Special Event - Effects of COVID-19 on Cybersecurity and Business
April 9, 2020 - 6-8pm

A big Thank You! to our own Board Directors; O'Dell Hobson, Gerry Sieracki and Ryan Golmassian for an awesome, enlightening, educational and interactive virtual meeting!

We sincerely hope that all attendees were able to gain some great information and knowledge and enjoyed our very first virtual meeting. We had 50 participants, the most we've had for any meeting that I am aware of! We want to thank everyone who attended, our Chapter would not be a success without you!

Topic 1
What effect is COVID-19 having on the implementation of security measures within corporate infrastructures? Are you able to maintain security operations with limited staff and is the stand-down making your company more vulnerable to attack?
Proctor: O’Dell Hobson

Topic 2
Availability of hardware for new remote users, VPN capability, training users for remote work, policies and procedures for remote work, bandwidth.
Proctor: Gerry Sieracki

Topic 3
3.1 What is COVID-19 impact on IT infrastructure related to education (i.e. online education, cert testing online, software capacity struggles, etc.)

3.2 What are some impacts that COVID-19 might have on the healthcare sector (i.e. telemedicine, screening apps, etc.).
Proctor: Ryan Golmassian


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