Lito Molina – BAE Systems

"Foundations of Cloud Security"
May 9, 2019 - 6-8pm
University of San Diego
Belanich Engineering Center (Loma Hall) Cyber Room
4998 Alcala Park - San Diego, CA 92110

About the speaker:

Lito Molina is a proven, results-oriented, technical leader with over 15 years of engineering experience in product development and cybersecurity.

His engineering work experience includes systems requirements and architecture development, software engineering, system and test integration, and project engineering. Working with products and systems such as aircraft missile protection, commercial aircraft brake systems, and C4ISR platforms.

Aside from extensive product development experience, Lito continued to advanced and developed his career by involving himself in projects related to information assurance and cybersecurity engineering for multi-level, high available information systems.

A big Thank You! to Lito Molina, BAE Systems for an awesome, engaging, and informative presentation on Foundations of Cloud Security.

Images from the event: