Rosko Goings

Security Blind Spots in the Era of Cloud Communication & Collaboration: Are You Protected?
December 8, 2022 - 6-8pm PST
Speaker: Rosko Goings
Location: Hybrid

About the speaker:

Rosko Goings

Rosko brings with him a diverse background in IT security and compliance. He has worked in a wide array of technical roles including Technical Support, Network Security, Solution Engineer, as well as Customer Success. Throughout all of his experiences, Rosko has dealt with a number of regulatory and compliance organizations. In his current role, he uses this knowledge to help protect organizations, not only from malware and cyber attacks, but the effects those attacks pose to a company’s customers, brand, and reputation.

Title: Security Blind Spots in the Era of Cloud Communication & Collaboration: Are You Protected?
Abstract: The need to communicate, collaborate and do business on a global level has created a proliferation of cloud based applications and services. Email. Web-based apps. Cloud Storage. Messaging platforms. CRM. Digital Apps and Services. Organizations continue to add new cloud channels to support their business needs. But with new channels come new security blind spots that must be addressed.

In this session we'll discuss:
- The (yet) unsolved challenges of email security – the main channel of targeted attacks
- Digitization and remote working have forged a new frontier, positioning the web browser at the front line of cyber attacks.
- The rising threat of cloud collaboration and the growing risk of content-borne attacks
- Cyber attack trends in the collaboration channel ecosystem


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