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we45 – Rahul Raghavan

A big Thank You! to Rahul Raghavan, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at we45, for an awesome presentation on AWS Security ...
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Cyber Law, Risk and Policy Symposium - The University of San Diego's Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology will host the Second annual Cyber Law, Risk and Policy Symposium at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice on Nov. 7, 2019. This one-day symposium will explore the intersection of cyber and law by offering comprehensive and thoughtful panels on managing vendor cyber risk, assessing and calculating cyber risk, understanding “reasonable security,” developing defensible security programs, learning from global comparative cyber laws, participating in a cyber law roundtable, conversing with law enforcement (including FBI, District Attorney and California Attorney General’s Office), and observing a live data breach and incident response.

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Cyber Security Awareness Tips

Only enter Personal Identifiable Information and sensitive data on secure https websites. Make sure it is data they actually need and are not just asking for to obtain that information.

Watch what is posted on social media; personal details and photos can reveal more information than you may want to release. Beware of social media posts asking for info that can reveal Personal Identifiable Information data like where you grew up, high school, first concert. Those are often used as security question answers.

Who has physical access to your computers and devices and the areas they are in? Is it limited and monitored?

Have you considered using a UPS on your home cable\DSL modem and router\firewall so you'll still have internet access in case the power goes out?