Linda Miller

7 Mindset Shifts for Success in the Digital World
September 8, 2022 - 6-8pm PST
Speaker: Linda L Miller, PhD, CPC, CM Certified
Location: Online

About the speaker:

Dr. Linda Miller
iMind Transformation 

Dr. Linda Miller has made a career of transformative change. She has been on leading edge implementations of most major business technologies since 1978.

After a 20-year career in information technology, Dr. Miller sought to humanize how technology was implemented in public and private corporations. Her pursuit led to a PhD in spiritual psychology, post graduate work in executive coaching, and multiple certifications in running successful strategic change initiatives.

Her range of experience spans government to multi-nationals, IT governance practices to corporate restructures to consortiums. Her clients include insurance companies, banking institutions, municipal and provincial governments, mobility technology providers, and law firms.
In 2008 Dr. Miller saw the need for new business tools, techniques, and measurement models that equip leaders and teams to thrive in the high speed, high complexity and highly ambiguous contexts that have become the norm.

Over 7 years of masters and doctoral research, she developed a framework of methods and practices that enable corporations to be successful in technology driven radical change and build the capability to continuously transform. Her courses, advisory services, and published works has helped transforming organizations across Canada and around the world.

7 Mindset Shifts for Success in the Digital World

Who knew that going digital would end up enabling a more human world. Now that we’re on the brink of international standards for equity and inclusion, sustainable practices and full transparency, how should corporations and businesses position themselves for success and avoid the dangers of a hyper-enabled population? The answer: think about what you would have done 20 years ago, and do the exact opposite.

This talk explores the 7 keys to not just surviving but thriving in a world of hyper-connectedness and constant radical change.


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